Upcoming release of Django 1.5

The release of Django 1.5 was originally scheduled to happen around Christmas last year. However, blocking bugs delayed the release and it is now expected to happen within the next days. One major advantage of Django 1.5 for me is the fact that it works with Python 3. Most people will argue that I should proceed using Python 2.x, but I don’t think that this is a good idea for new projects, because Python 3 got some useful additions and uses Unicode strings everywhere. I’ve got some problems with character encodings in the past and with Python 3, these problems are gone.

But that’s not all. Django 1.5 introduces some cool features, which are outlined here. It includes a configurable User model, HTTP streaming and loads of small improvements and bug fixes. But be warned: Just upgrading your project to use Django 1.5 may cause problems. For example, the Syntax for the {% url %}  tag has changed. Rather than specifying the name or path of the view you want to link to, you have to encapsulate it into single quotes, e.g: {% url ‘my.project.view’ %}  because Django interpreted the name as a literal view, not a template variable. It’s always good to have a look at the release notes mentioned above, as it might give you an useful advice on how to transform your code to be working with the new version of Django.

Update 2013-02-26: Django 1.5 was finally released today. Some release blockers came up in the last days  which delayed the final release for some days.

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