Monthly Archives: May 2013

yDNS: A free dynamic DNS service

I am proud to announce to beta operation of yDNS, a free dynamic DNS service. It allows you to define a unlimited number of hosts for use. With the time being, new domains may be added for the use with the service. The service works with the Dynamic DNS of AVM Fritz!Box routers without any problems.

I’ve created this service because the free service of DynDNS ceased. They also changed their SLA last week that requires you to login each 30 days to keep your host, otherwise it expires. Other services like do not offer the functionality to work with Fritz!Box routers.

Please test this service and report bugs. You can also recommend new features if you like.

Get your free account at

Update 2013/05/21: API docs and a updater script is now available. You’ll find the at my github repository for yDNS.

Behaviour of Yaourt has changed

I’ll do system updates at least one time in a week, most notably to get more recent version of software installed. My zbox is powered by an Arch Linux installation, which does a fantastic job. Very reliable and fast. In the past I used yaourt (inofficial frontend to Arch’s package manager pacman) to update the system by using yaourt -Syu but this only updates the packages that are inside the official repositories, not the packages that are in AUR. AUR packages were updated with this syntax some time ago as well, but now I have to use yaourt -Syua to do the job.