YDNS: How to add a custom domain

We recently added support for custom domains to YDNS. That feature allows you to have YDNS manage your DNS records for your own domains. That makes YDNS not only offering free dynamic DNS services but also DNS services in total, since we added support for a few more record types as well.

I see many people adding domains the wrong way. Our system currently does not test whether a domain exists or not; it will frequently check its nameserver records for correctness. If they are not configured correctly, YDNS will disable those domains for further use (this will also happen if you have successfully validated your domains in the first place, but changed its configuration afterwards).

To correctly add your domain to YDNS, follow these steps:

Login to your Domain registrar’s Control Panel. It shall offer a section where you can change the nameservers which are responsible for your domain. If you cannot find this, you cannot add your domain to YDNS. In case you successfully found the appropriate section, replace your domain’s name servers with these two (and of course delete the previous one if they still exist after that):

  1. ns1.ydns.eu
  2. ns2.ydns.eu
After you’ve one that, you can add your domain in YDNS by navigating to the Domains page and use the “Add Domain” link on the right side on the top of the page. You may enter your domain name appropriately (e.g. “mydomain.com”) there. Our system will accept invalid domain names as well, but they’re deleted automatically after two weeks if they cannot be validated during that time frame.
Once your domain configuration is synchronized through the internet, our system will automatically flag your domain as being active and you can start using it.
If you have difficulties using this, please write to support@ydns.eu

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