Monthly Archives: October 2017

macOS: Don’t see other computers/servers in Finder?

This can be caused by the mDNSResponder service not working correctly. If you don’t see the expected computers and/or servers in the sidebar of your Finder window, you may try to kill the mDNSResponder service to get it restarted. That solved the problem for me.

In terminal, simply execute the following command:

sudo killall mDNSResponder

macOS: There is no application set to open the URL

I’ve been having this issue for quite a while: The mentioned message pops up several times a day, and I don’t know which program causes this message to appear. After searching the web it seems like its caused by the Skype client for Mac when displaying adverts in its home section. For me, it’s clearly a security issue and needs to be fixed, because malicious URLs could be opened with that.

You can fix this by blacklisting URLs Skype uses to contact to retrieve the adverts. Instructions can be found in this forum post (german).