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python-rrdtool 0.1.13 released

I’m proud to announce the availability of python-rrdtool 0.1.13. It contains backported bug fixes and improvements from the upstream repository.

Since python-rrdtool have found its way into the original rrdtool distribution, some people have asked about the future of the project. In fact, the Python bindings part of the official rrdtool distribution and the python-rrdtool are maintained separately, but they share improvements from each other. Due to the nature of release engineering, Linux distributions may see the inclusion of the updated bindings with the rrdtool bindings packages sooner or later, and users who wish to use a more pythonic way to install the bindings, python-rrdtool is the way to go for users that prefer installing packages via pip or similar utilities.


python-rrdtool 0.1.3 released

Today I’ve released python-rrdtool version 0.1.3, which fixes some bugs when building the module in build environments that do not have specific rrdtool build headers included. Now all the graph and xport functions are available again.

To update or install, use pip:

pip install --upgrade rrdtool

There are some discussions going on about the number of Python bindings for rrdtool. The version I’ve created is just one of a few, and was probably the first one that offered Python 3.x support. Some people were asking if it may be possible to get this merged into the regular rrdtool distribution. It might be. But from a certain point of view I think it’s a better approach to distribute the bindings via PyPI, because it’s more pythonic, and it allows building for multiple Python versions at once.

python-rrdtool 0.1.1 released

An update to python-rrdtool was released today. Version 0.1.1 adds support for Python 2.x and fixes some minor issues that came up when porting the original Python binding for Python 3.

You can find more information at the project page on Github.


The installation of the module is pretty easy. All you need is to have rrdtool installed (and its headers) and of course the header files for your Python version.

Assuming you want to install it via pip, use

# pip install https://github.com/commx/python-rrdtool/tarball/master

You can also install it from sources by downloading the source and run

# python setup.py install

About python-rrdtool

python-rrdtool is a Python binding for rrdtool. It works with both Python 2.x and 3.x and comes with an object-oriented interface as well.